Thursday, December 20, 2007

The Meredith Kercher Murder Investigation

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These are the faces of the people involved in this twisted horrific crime. Top left is American, Amanda Knox, right beside her is her Italian boyfriend Raffale Sollecito, below left is Rudy Hermann Guede and finally the victim Meredith Kercher.

Meredith was found dead in the house she shared with Amanda and several other students in Italy. Her room was in disarray and there was blood everywhere. Her throat slashed and she was raped. Amanda and her boyfriend discovered her after Amanda found the house unlocked. This was Amanda's first version and her last version of the story. Her second version of the story involved her accusing another man of being there and witnessing the crime. She later retracted.

I am going to outline the current evidence below according the accused:

Rudy Hermann Guede

  • Bloody palm and finger print on pillow case was a match.

  • Bodily waste/fecal matter in toilette was a match.

  • Evidence that he had sex with the deceased.

  • He ran to Milan immediately after the murder.

  • He says he and Meredith slept together and he had a stomach ache and while he was in the toilette, he heard someone enter and kill Meredith, he then confronted the Italian murderer and was told by him that "A black man found is a black man guilty".

  • He says Meredith repeated the sound "af af af" as she died

  • He was scared and ran.

Amanda Knox

  • Amanda first states she slept at her boyfriends house and only discovered Meredith the next day when she and her boyfriend went to investigate why the door was left open.

  • Amanda then changes that story and says she was drunk and high in the kitchen while her boss was murdering Meredith in the room and was too afraid to help.

  • Amanda then reverts to her first claim.

  • A knife is found at her boyfriend's house that matches her DNA on the hilt and Meredith's on the tip.

  • There are no finger prints in the house where the murder took place, bleach was used to clean everything, even Amanda's room. Amanda's fingerprints were not found anywhere, even in her own room.

  • Her boyfriend claims she did not spend the night.

Raffale Sollecito

  • Denies Amanda was at his apartment all night.
  • His apartment also smelled of bleach.
  • Cleaning rags were found at his home.
  • The knife found was his knife and found at his home.
  • A bloody shoe print left at the crime scene matched his shoe.
  • He has no alibi.

Other evidence

  • Bloody stiletto foot print left at scene unclaimed.
  • Unidentified DNA found.
  • Crushed cell phone left in garden.
  • Neighbor heard screams and several running footsteps.

My thoughts on this crime:

Obviously these three individuals are all involved somehow, each of them leaving a piece of evidence behind and taking some with them. A good detective always knows a murderer always leaves something and takes something away from the crime scene. However what I don't quite understand is how each of these people have completely different stories and none are pointing the finger at each other. Why? Also, if there were others involved as police suggest, then why haven't these three thrown that person under the bus? I absolutely do NOT believe Meredith had consensual sex with Rudy, he is the town drug dealer and most likely went there to supply the guests with drugs. I truly believe Meredith was in her room alone while the others were carrying on in the living room or when they all arrived high out of their minds and at some point the party spilled into her room and things got out of hand. Perhaps, Rudy killed her and then fled, leaving a drunk Amanda to clean up the mess thinking somehow she was involved as her memory was poor. Maybe they all went into Meredith room to teach "miss goodie goodie" a lesson.

The question remains..why is everyone lying? Why has not one of these fools told the truth and revealed the real murderer? The one who actually slashed her throat?

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