Thursday, July 31, 2008

Photoshoot and Excuse

Cindy Anthony is now having photo shoots done, this picture makes me angry rather than sad. What is she doing? I guess that must be Caylee's room.

Below is a list of the excuses her mother has tried to make us believe, but since we are NOT on meth, we know better.

  • Casey lead authorities on a wild goose chase when asked to show them where she last left Caylee. The first apartment, ended up being a retirement home, the second was an apartment that had been vacant for 6 months.

Cindy's explanation: Her daughter purposely lead them to the incorrect apartment, because she was afraid if she lead them to the correct one, they would barge in and the kidnappers would kill Caylee.

  • Casey's car was abandoned and when found it smelled of a dead body. Cindy screams that her daughter's "damn car smells like a dead body".

Cindy's retraction and explanation: Cindy first asks the public to put a pizza in the trunk of their car and leave it there for a few days in the heat and then come back and tell her what it smells like. She has now changed her story and says she only said the car smelled of a dead body in order to get the police there faster.

  • Photos of Casey have surfaced. In these photos she is partying at a club and dirty dancing with some girl. These photos were taken about 5 days after she says she discovered the babysitter had stolen her child.

Cindy's reasoning is: Her daughter was conducting her own search and going to the club was in part to find the babysitter who often hung out there and in part to behave as she normally would in order not to raise any red flags that something was wrong so as not to alert the kidnappers or put her family and friends in danger.

  • Casey has been unable to give the authorities the truthful story of where Caylee is and who took her.

Cindy's explanation: Her daughter is speaking in clues and riddles and the police have to read between the lines, Casey is afraid for her daughter's life and therefore can't just come out and say where she is.

I will add more shortly.

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

I have no sympathy for devil..

I want you to look at this. LOOK AT THIS!

This is Casey Anthony partying it up at a Club a few days after she claims she discovered her daughter was missing. I have officially heard it all, read below.

*Cindy Anthony claims her daughter was at these clubs looking for Zeinada and her daughter did not want to alert the kidnappers or anyone else that something was wrong, so she had to pretend to be normal.

I want you to listen to this:
This is a recording of Casey Anthony calling her mom immediately after her arrest, she is cold, sarcastic, selfish and absolutely not concerned about her daughter at all. She is the classic Sociopath and Narcissist, she wants to speak to her boyfriend Tony and doesn't care about anything else.

I feel for her friend Kristina (I think this is her name) who begins to cry and says.."If something happens to Caylee, I'll die..I will die if something happens to her.."

Casey Anthony becomes annoyed at Kristina and says "WOW" - "What a waste calling you guys." - She then says all her family cares about is finding Caylee , catches herself saying this horrid thing and then adds a very unemotional - "and that is all I care about too".

She keeps calling her friend "baby and sweetheart" that is classic sociopath language. When her friend asks her where Zeinada Gonzalez lives she immediately calls her BABY and says she doesn't have time for this and she already knows what the police found out.

I want to talk to Tony too - maybe Tony got rid of the body and that is why she doesn't know where Caylee is.


I think Casey was jealous of the love her mother and family had for Caylee. I think Caylee got in the way of all of her boyfriends and partying. I think hurting Caylee was not an accident and it was all well planned and I think Law enforcement and the FBI know this. Casey had a huge blow out with her mom and purposely took Caylee away to hurt her mother and now she has gotten rid of the child and is garnishing all of this attention as the poor mom whose daughter was stolen by some crazed spanish immigrant.

Here is allegedly an entry from Casey's Myspace blog dated July 7th, no one yet knows that Caylee is missing accept of course Juliet Lewis and Jeffrey Hopkin.

"On the worst of worst days, remember the words spoken

Trust no one, only yourself.

With great power, comes great consequence.

What is given can be taken away. Everyone Lies. Everyone Dies."

Casey also reportedly gets a tattoo to honor Caylee that says "Bella Vida." Which means "Beautiful life".

I know what the set up will be.

I know how this will play out.

The body will be found.

The Anthony family will claim the immigrant babysitter killed Caylee because of the media. Casey will go to court for 1st degree murder and she will be convicted.

The Anthony's will forever claim her innocence and another child is gone.


Casey Anthony's Characters...

I thought this may be helpful.

Casey Anthony claims she told two of her friends that worked with her at Universal Studios about her daughter being missing. These people can vouched for her concern during the 30 days her child was missing.

Now, I bet you are thinking - GREAT! Lets talk to them!

Too bad Casey doesn't have their telephone numbers, too bad she doesn't know where they live, too bad Universal says they don't know these people.

So, lets recap, the three most important witnesses that can't be found.

1. Zeinada Fernandez Gonzalez - the babysitter who stole Casey's daughter.

2. Juliet Lewis - A friend in which she confided that Caylee was missing. WOW. I love this name, can we question Juliet Lewis the actress maybe she knows where Caylee is.

3. Jeffrey Hopkins - Another friend in which she confided in. AH Casey I am sure you meant to say Anthony Hopkins, not Jeffrey.

It seems the family does know a Jeffrey Hopkins Senior who has a son that did work at Universal, but his son worked there when he was in high school and he never met Casey or Caylee. Excellent try by Casey though.....excellent try.

Now I ask you, why are we indulging this girl's lies? Her story is a huge pill to swallow and I don't care how sweet she looks when she cries for daddy in the courtroom, and I don't care if her family was trying to make her laugh in the courtroom to raise her spirits!

Where is Caylee? Where is she? Stop lying!

I am so pissed.

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Oh my oh my..

You must watch this:

Cindy Anthony says the media will be to blame if her granddaughter is not found. She also states that during the month in which Caylee was missing that she realizes now her daughter was givingher clues during their phone conversations. CLUES!!!! Cindy, I was on your side, but this is too much.

The media did not lose your granddaughter, your daughter did. The only person to blame is Casey and if you don't shift gears, you will also be to blame.

Mike had it right in this video, the public is turning against you and your family. Why should they search for your granddaughter? She is a beautiful child and my heart aches for her, but her very own family is to blame for whatever outcome is revealed.

You need to stop talking and start looking.

I for one don't think Caylee is out there and I am sure if they do find Caylee's body, you will then say Zeinada Fernandez Gonzalez (the most ridiculous name I have ever heard) killed her.

This is from Cindy Anthony's myspace blog, dated July 3rd. Obviously, she knows her daughter sucks:

A mother’s love is deep, however there are limits when one is betrayed
by the one she loved and trusted the most. A daughter comes to her mother for
support when she is pregnant, the mother says without hesitation it will be ok.
And it was. But then the lies and betrayal began. First it seemed harmless, ah,
love is blind. A mother will look for the good in her child and give them a
chance to change. This mother gave chance after chance for her daughter to
change, but instead more lies more betrayal. What does the mother get for giving
her daughter all of these chances? A broken heart. The daughter who stole money,
lots of money, leaves without warning

Yes Cindy LOVE IS blind.

Zenaida Gonzalez where and who are you?

Casey Anthony's brother Lee, has claimed his sister gave him the names of two friends who introduced Casey to Zenaida Gonzalez. He says these two friends introduced Casey to Zenaida Gonzalez because they too had children and Zenaida Gonzalez offered child care.

Casey claims she left her two year old daughter, Caylee Anthony in the care of Zenaida Gonzalez in or around June 7th or 9th or 14 or 15..16... she can't remember and it depends on who you ask. She also can't remember where Zenaida Gonzalez lives, she lead authorities to an empty apartment which had been vacant for 5 months. No one at the complex had ever heard of Zenaida Gonzalez. There was one Zenaida Gonzalez located in the county and she had no clue who the Anthony family was.

There are a lot of women named Zenaida Gonzalez.

I am curious to hear from these friends who know Zenaida Gonzalez. It is amazing to me that no one who knows Zenaida Gonzalez has come forward. If this woman offered child care, she certainly had a list of past clients.

Casey's mom claims to have heard the name Zenaida Gonzalez several times from her daughter's lips for the last three years, except on some of the calls released, Cindy does not seem familiar with the name at all.

I think if someone has taken care of my daughter for 3 years, I think I would absolutely remember where she lives, I would have her telephone number and possibly a picture, I would also know the people who were in her life at the minimum her family. I don't know, that is just me, but I guess Casey didn't pay too much attention to where and with whom she left her child........oh but let us not forget she is a GOOD MOM.

I am so pissed at this family for continuing to make excuses for this girl. I understand that she is your daughter and sister, but can you be angry with her? She does not remember the apartment where she left your granddaughter and niece, she has no telephone number to call, she waited a very long time to start to worrying about it and she seems a bit angry at you for focusing all of your attention on finding her daughter and not on getting her out of jail.

I am sick and tired of Cindy Anthony yelling at the media while being broad casted by the very media she is yelling at. I am tired of her berating the police. I am tired of her stating that Casey is afraid because there is a "threat" to her family and maybe to Caylee if she speaks, but does not know what the "threat" is.

I am sick sick and flipping tired of this family. Will someone please put an end to this ridiculous game???

FIND CAYLEE and then don't ever return her to her disgusting mother.

Friday, July 25, 2008

Cindy Anthony's 911 Calls

Everyone is attacking Cindy Anthony for her strong will, for her refusal to believe something terrible has happened to her granddaughter. She will appear on television and throw out wild and seemingly fantastical reasons for why her 22 year old daughter has lied to police, sometimes talking about "codes" and "people watching" and her daughter being "afraid to speak".

I will not attack Cindy, because I don't see an egotistical fame whore as some have called her, to me that is going too far. This mother and grandmother is hurt, she is terrified and she has been thrown into this nightmare unwillingly.

The media, in an effort I guess to make Cindy look like a liar, has released the 911 calls.

We have all read how when Cindy was asked what she thought about the detective stating her daughter's abandoned car smelled of a dead body, Cindy explained that if you put a piece of pizza in your trunk and left it there for days it too would smell like death. However, the tapes reveal that Cindy was the first to reveal that the car smelled of death:
Orange County, Florida officials have released the 911 tapes from two phone calls placed about missing toddler Caylee Marie Anthony on July 14th.

The calls were placed by Cindy Anthony, Caylee's grandmother, weeks after the girl went missing.


Cindy Anthony tells the 911 dispatcher that she wants her daughter arrested for a possible missing child.

The dispatcher probes for more information after Anthony says the 3-year-old has been missing for three weeks.

When asked by the dispatcher with the daughter needed to be arrested Cindy pauses then says she stole her car and her money.

Cindy Anthony continues to ask for an officer to be sent to her house.

Anthony also tells the dispatcher that her daughter has been missing for a month, but was found.
However the 3-year-old granddaughter is still missing.


Sobbing Cindy Anthony once again calls 911 dispatch, saying that the 3-year-old had been kidnapped, and has been missing for 31 days.

Anthony says her daughter said the baby-sitter stole the baby.

"There's something wrong...I found my daughter's car today, it smells like there's been a dead body in the damn car."

Cindy Anthony then hands the phone to her daughter, who admits the girl has been missing for 31 days.

Anthony then gives the name of the nanny believed to have the child.

The dispatcher asks Casey Anthony why she had waited so long to report that the girl was missing.

The mother says "I've been looking for her (the baby sitter) and have gone through other resources to try to find her, which was stupid."

Casey Anthony remains in jail on $500,00 bond, and is considered a person of interest in the case.

Here are the recordings:
I believe these are Cindy's real thoughts and everything that came after is her attempt to keep sane. She knew her daughter did something wrong. Her daughter is so calm it is chilling. Her lies are so well thought out. She says her daughter was missing since June 7th and she has just found her daughter and her car but her granddaughter is missing.

I hate Casey Anthony with every fiber of my being. You can hear Cindy's fear escalating, listen to these in order.

Thursday, July 24, 2008

Poor Cindy Anthony..

Can we blame Cindy Anthony for her comments and exhaustion? She is a grandmother who is being forced to choose between believing her 22 year old daughter may have killed her beautiful granddaughter or that some random babysitter has her and is purposely concealing her and keeping her hostage.

Which would you want to believe?

Cindy Anthony does not want to believe that her daughter left her granddaughter with a babysitter and then when she discovered the sitter was gone with the baby did not report her missing for 5 weeks and also did not seem too distressed about it. Her daughter claims that this babysitter has her child. She claimed she left her there in a location she can't remember on June 9th.
Police have been unable to verify this.

Cindy Anthony has recently changed the timeline, saying her granddaughter was NOT missing 5 weeks, because she saw her on father's day, June 15th. This contradicts her daughter's June 9th statement, but helps her daughter not look so bad, cutting it down to more like 3 weeks she didn't tell anyone her daughter was missing.

Cindy Anthony is tired and exhausted from trying not to think of things that don't make sense, her focus is only on finding Caylee. She believes the criminal is the babysitter who stole her grandchild. She is shifting the focus off her daughter and on to this person, that may or may not be fictitious.

Now...I WISH and HOPE this ends up being a story about a selfish 22 year old mother who had very poor judgement in babysitters and then was arrogantly and selfishly enjoying her freedom while her child was god knows where with god knows who. I also hope maybe she was afraid to come forward and say she misplaced her child and that was the stupid reason she didn't report the kidnapping.

I hope and hope Cindy Anthony is right.
Here is Cindy's latest comment today:
ORANGE COUNTY, Fla. (WOFL FOX 35, Orlando) --

Cindy Anthony says there have been two reported sightings of Caylee Marie Anthony in Georgia and she believes the child is with someone heading to Charlotte, N.C. "We know where she's at," Cindy Anthony told FOX News Thursday before pleading with the person she believes has the child to turn back.

"Please don't take her further into the mountains. It looks like she's headed northeast in Georgia close to the North Carolina border. ... This is all very encouraging right now."

Her plea came after her husband, George Anthony, asked the public in an audio message for help in finding their granddaughter before her third birthday. She's been missing since June 9.
Cindy Anthony breaks my heart - her pain is immense! Please watch this latest video.

Cindy get on a plane. Go get her, prove us all wrong. I want to be wrong!

Brad Cooper

Nancy Cooper disappeared after what her husband says was a regular morning jog on July 12th. Two days later her body was found near her home in a storm drain at a construction site. As with almost every missing and murdered mother and wife, there was a fragile marriage with financial problems and extramarital affairs.

I have linked to an Affidavit for Brad Cooper in which he details much of his day to day married life as well as reasons why his two daughters, Bella and Katie should be returned to him. His daughters are currently in the temporary custody of Nancy's mother and identical twin sister Krista. (link at the end of the post).

I want to be fair and highlight some of what Brad has stated, unfortunately for Brad, Nancy is not here to confirm or deny his claims, therefore he could be lying about being "super dad".

Financial Problems:
- Brad says Nancy was a shopaholic who purchased items beyond their means. Thousand dollar bags, jewelery, designer clothes etc.

- Brad says Nancy was a stay-at-home mom and yet both children were enrolled in preschool and all the while Nancy sent their credit card debts to close to $45,000.

-Brad says he purchase a BMW X5 for his wife after she asked him to buy her a "safe" car for her and her children. He then drove their old beat up car to work.

-Brad put Nancy on a budget of $300 a week and says Nancy said this wasn't enough and complained.

Marital Problems:

- Brad says Nancy would immediately go out upon his return from work and she would stay out sometimes until 2AM with friends during the week.

- Brad says Nancy would also have the "weekends off" and he would be responsible for the children while she went out with friends and shopped.

-Brad says he had an affair once and only once before Katie was born and regretted it and this lead to distance in the marriage. He also notes that Nancy had a non-sexual affair with a man before Bella was born. (hmm what does that mean?)

-According to Brad they had no sex life.

-Brad says he would clean, cook breakfast, do laundry, read to the girls and take them out. Nancy referred to him as "super dad".

-Brad says Nancy's lawyer told her to take the girls out of the country to Canada, Brad found his children's passports in Nancy's car and proceeded to take one of them and give Nancy the other for fear of Nancy taking them away.

Current Custody and Investigation:

I think Brad is digging a whole for himself and he is even throwing the dirt over his own head. In his affidavit which can't be confirmed and is only his view on things, we are hearing him almost complain about his wife, almost like he is making it look as though maybe she deserved what happened or that maybe he is better off without her...almost sounds like that Brad.

I can see that he loves his daughters and that yes he wants them back. I also don't want to believe the part of the document where he says Nancy's twin sister is dressing like Nancy in an effort to help the children cope and has asked for Nancy's hat and glasses to make her look more like Nancy, that to me is horrendous and should be stopped. I also feel for those children. it must be terrible being ripped from your dad and not having your mother and then thrown in a family that you have only seen a few times a year. I can't imagine seeing what looks like your mother walking around, but knowing deep down that it is not mommy.

I understand the police have evidence and that search warrants are sealed. I hear they are going before the grand jury on the 25th with their findings.

I really really hope this ends up being some random act of violence and Brad is innocent and he gets his girls back, but the story is all too familiar.

His affidavit showed little sadness for losing Nancy and was more of an insult to her memory than anything else. Why was it necessary for him to make her look like a selfish woman who neglected her children is beyond me. Why couldn't he just say they both were equal parents and loved their children?

He just seriously listed several motives for why he would want her gone. Here they are:

-Financially Nancy was ruining them.
-Emotionally and Physically she had abandoned him and checked out of the marriage.
-She left him to do the raising of the children and cared more about her friends.
-She had an affair as well, although hers was non-sexual.
-She threatened to take his kids out of the country and leave him.

Brad seriously if the above aren't reasons for a Sociopath to kill their wife, then I don't know what are.

The morning of July 12th:
Just to recap Brad's story, since he was the last to see her alive. He says he went out to buy milk at 6:15AM for his baby girl Katie, he then returned home and Nancy told him she needed laundry detergent and juice for Katie, she then ordered him back to the store (again he can't help but make her look bad, why couldn't he say he forgot laundry detergent needed for the day?) He returned to the store and got the requested items and then returned home. Nancy was getting ready for her morning jog by 6:45AM, by 7AM she was out the door.

He didn't worried when she still hadn't returned by 9AM and he did the usual super dad duties and got the kids dressed and fed. By 9:15AM he called his friend and cancelled a tennis game he had planned. He then again notes how Nancy would often go out after her jogs for coffee without telling him and return hours later often spending all day in her jogging clothes, which Nancy called "stink days". He makes Nancy sound like a selfish pig here.

Her friends begin to call after she misses several planned events and by noon he is now worried, but not worried enough to call police since his wife is regularly irresponsible. He searches for her at all her usual haunts. By that afternoon her friends already report her missing and just as he was about to call the police himself, they call him and he returns home to meet them.

Here is the link to the affidavit judge for yourself:

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Another Mother Dead - Another Husband Suspected?

I must have missed this story while feeling outraged by the Caylee Anthony Case. I will not ignore Nancy Cooper.

Nancy Cooper a North Carolina mother of two was in the middle of a divorce, yes a divorce (aren't they all?). According to her husband, Nancy went out for a jog one morning and never returned, hours later her friend & neighbor grew worried when Nancy missed a lunch date, she called 911:

Caller: Her name is Nancy Cooper.

Dispatcher: And what is her address?

Caller: Her husband and her are living together but they’re in the middle of a divorce and he is, um… phew, okay hold on

Interesting how her friend immediately mentions the divorce. Interesting how the husband didn't find it strange that his wife went out for a jog on July 12 and 6 hours later still had not returned. Interesting how a friend was the one to call police. Was this friend really concerned that the divorce played a part in her disappearance? Or is she like me who suspects the most evil things?

Nancy's body was found floating in a storm sewer pond two days after her friend called police. She was in a storm drain at a construction site 2 kilometers from her home.

Police revealed that she was indeed murdered but will not say how.

Her husband was having an affair.
Her husband has stated through his lawyer that he "did not kill his wife".

Her husband decided NOT to attend her memorial service.

Judge seals search warrant. No suspects announced.
I will keep you posted, here is more from the 911 tape:
"She was supposed to be at my house at eight and just because of the situation with the divorce, I'm just wondering – I don't know what I should do," the caller says in the July 12 call, made at 1:50 p.m.
"She would have made contact with me or her other friend by now – who both had expected her today – and the fact that her car is still at home and her cell phone is there is a little weird," Adam said in the call. "That would not make sense."

"I don't know that he's been physically violent, but I know that there's a lot of tension," Adam told the dispatcher. "So I wouldn't be surprised, I hate to say it...."

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Beautiful Caylee where are you honey?

*Update: ORLANDO, Fla. -- A detective testifying in the bond hearing of a woman accused of not reporting her daughter missing for five weeks said hair similar to the child's hair and a mystery stain have been found in the woman's trunk that reeks of decomposition.

I know my mother loves me. I also know if my son, her grandchild went missing and I knew that he was missing for 5 weeks, but still went along with my busy life all the while lying when asked about his whereabouts, that my mother will maybe still love me, but she would also severely and angrily possibly beat me.

Casey has been missing for at least a month and counting, the timeline has changed from her being last seen on June 9th, to now June 16.

Casey's mother reported her daughter missing after her own mother urged her too.
Casey then told several lies about her place of work and the apartment in which she says she left Casey in the hands of a long time friend, a friend which no one else has ever seen, but only heard of.
Casey Anthony is a young mother who obviously has many issues, but damn if that girl has her mother on her side.

The grandmother of little Caylee is bent on finding her grandchild, but she wants you the public and media not to be upset with her daughter.

She went on the Geraldo show and refused to answer any questions which would make her daughter look like a bad mother, and she kept repeating over several media outlets that her daughter was a "wonderful" mother.

She believes her daughter merely misplaced Caylee. She believes her daughter left her precious baby with her friend and then when she returned that friend was gone with Caylee. After 5 weeks of not worrying about her daughter, she finally confessed she had no idea where Caylee was and they went to the authorities.

Does that sound like a good mother?

Now Grandma is going around telling people her daughter will tell the authorities about Casey's whereabouts in "her own way". What does that mean? Is she going to sketch it out with her feet?

She is also saying things like this:

She told attorneys that her 22-year-old daughter is her "best friend outside my husband" and she had no reason to believe anything had happened to her granddaughter Caylee Marie Anthony until last week because she'd "spoken to Casey on a daily basis."

"Without a doubt, she is a great mom," Cindy Anthony testified. "You can see it in her eyes. You can see it when they're together. There's nothing but love."
She said her daughter should be released from jail "because she hasn't committed a crime" and because she needs to help find Caylee.

and this:

"Casey has been trying to tell the police in her own way what she can tell them and the only unfortunate thing is, you know, they want a clear picture," Cindy Anthony told FOX News on Monday. "There's no clear picture. Casey has her reasons why she just can't blurt out the whole story, so she's been honest with them for what she can be honest with."

This case is killing me.

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Please GIVE ME YOUR Children!

FUCKKKKKKKKKKK! I am so ANGRY! Look at this beautiful little face!

This little girl has been missing for 5 weeks, her mother did NOT alert authorities and said she was conducting her own search.

Where is Caylee you low life poor excuse of a mother!
I wish I could just take all the unwanted children in this world, so sad they have to be born to people who do not deserve them.

Orland, FL - Casey Anthony, 22 years of age has been taken into custody after her story of how and why her 2 year old daughter went missing and she never reported it did not make sense. Caylee has been missing for 5 weeks and her grandmother was really worried, after getting no answers from Caylee's mother and not seeing Caylee, she called law enforcement.

Now you may be imagining that this was some crack head who left her daughter somewhere, no, this is a normal looking young mother, who seems not care about what happened to her daughter and made up some lame excuse about how while watching TV and reading stories about missing children not being found by police, she decided to look for her daughter herself.

LIES. Was she looking for Caylee? NO. She was out partying.

It is amazing to me how many sociopaths there are out there. It takes something like this to bring them out in the open. This woman walked out of the court room today with her head held high as if she were something special and not the lying slug she really is.

Of course Casey had a page on myspace. She had a mess of photos of herself out partying, and I hear no pictures of her sweet baby girl.

You know, if you don't want to be a mother, then give your child to someone who wants her, like oh, maybe your own mother?. This child had a grandmother who loved her a lot and was worried when her daughter left her home and stole money from her, but mostly she was worried about Casey....and for good reason.

Ah but a sociopath would never concede.

Here is a quote from

"You left your 2-year-old child Caylee Anthony in the custody of a person who does not exist, at an apartment you can not identify and you lied to your parents and friends about your child's whereabouts," Judge John Jordan said Thursday morning during the bond hearing for 22-year-old Casey Anthony. "You didn't even report her missing until five weeks later and then only because the child's grandmother insisted."

Anthony, 22, said little Thursday morning in court except for acknowledging to the judge who she is. She was taken into custody Wednesday on charges of child neglect and lying to the authorities.

"Your 2-year-old child is still missing and it appears you've shown no regrets or concern with your actions," Judge Jordan said Thursday morning. "Ms. Anthony, the court would say to you, where is Caylee Anthony? But I can't force you to answer that question. But that's the question I leave with you, do you understand?"

"Yes sir," Anthony said.

Now, grandmama don't let me down, please don't say things like this:

"I've never seen her be a bad mom. She loves her daughter, I don't doubt that," said Cynthia Anthony, Caylee's Grandmother.

She does NOT love her child. Maybe she liked her, but the love of a mother does not work like this.

There is also some information about all of the nannies hired to take care of Caylee while her mother whored around. The money used to pay for these nannies is unknown, since Casey lied about where she worked.

I bet she is a prostitute.

Please..Please - let someone come forward with this child and tell us that she or he took her in order to give her a better life. Please DON'T let her be dead or worse sold into a child porn ring.



Ok I just read the police report: Looks like she really did not have any nannies, instead this was the excuse she would give to friends and family when they would ask about Caylee, "oh she's with the nanny at the beach for the weekend," as if she could afford such a nanny on her no job salary.

Also, it seems people who know her are coming forward and telling law enforcement that Casey is a habitual liar. She laughed during interviews with police after being confronted with inconsistencies in her story. She has lied over and over again about several things, even went so far as to walk into a building claiming to work there and into an office, pretending it was hers with law enforcement in toe. She then laughed and admitted it wasn't her office.

I have a terrible feeling Caylee is gone forever. How could this happen?

Is this an addiction to METH? Prostitution? What is this? Where is this baby?

What was she getting in the way of? I am so upset about this.

If you have any information on Caylee's well-being or where-abouts from June 9, 2008 to current please contact 1-800-423-TIPS (8477)

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Munchausen By Proxy Syndrome

There is a really sick psychological disorder called Munchausen by proxy syndrome in which a person, usually a woman, causes sickness in secret to a person she supposedly loves, usually her own child. (98% of these offenders are women).

A mother will secretly poison her child in order to receive attention and to feel the satisfaction of being the center of the universe, having others pity them is their drug. They also thrive off the power they feel in being in control and deceiving doctors, family members and their spouses.

Their purpose is to keep the child sick, but at times they end up killing the child if their secret is not revealed in time.

Their downfall typically comes from suddenly being separated from the child for a long period of time and that child recovering or improving during that time and then almost instantly relapsing when the mother is back at their side.

These mothers will lie and invent new symptoms to throw doctors off, they will cry and seem overly concerned for their child, sometimes falling into hysterics. These mothers will go to extreme lengths to keep their child sick, including and not limited to injecting urine and feces into their blood stream to cause infection, dropping blood into their urine samples, poisoning with house hold products, or removing their oxygen tube for a few minutes at their hospital beside.

Below is the most recent case coming from Tennessee:

PITTSBURGH -- Pittsburgh police arrested a mother on charges she tried to poison her baby with table salt. Amber Brewington, 21, was arrested at Children’s Hospital of Pittsburgh Wednesday morning.

Police said a hospital staff member saw Brewington tampering with the 4-month-old’s feeding tube late Tuesday night.

The boy was transferred to Children’s Hospital on July 9 from Vanderbilt University Medical Center in Nashville, Tenn., to be treated for high levels of sodium. The boy’s father has been at his side since then.

During that time, the boy's father traveled with him and his condition began to improve, police Cmdr. Thomas Stangrecki said.

But the boy's condition declined after his mother visited him on Sunday and again on Tuesday night, leading to Brewington's arrest, Stangrecki said.

Pittsburgh police questioned Brewington early Wednesday morning. They said they found a canister of salt, a syringe and a bottle of the children's drink product Pedialyte in her backpack. Police also said Brewington confessed to doctors.

"We believe last night (Tuesday) was another attempt to deliver more salt water or sodium to her child," Stangrecki said.

She is currently in the Allegheny County Jail. She faces charges of attempted homicide, aggravated assault and endangering the welfare of children. Police said they will not charge the boy’s father.

It's unclear if Brewington, of Duck River, Tenn., has an attorney yet.

*Story taken from: CNN

Friday, July 11, 2008

Should Lethal Injections Be Painless for Pedophiles Who Kill?

On July 1st at 6:00 p.m. Florida put to death the Murdering Pedophile Mark Sean Schwab by lethal injection. He was the first execution in Florida since December of 2006 when the procedure was halted after a botched lethal injection caused pain and suffering to an inmate.

As Mark's day of reckoning approached, his lawyer argued that there was no evidence to prove that Mark will not feel pain during the execution and therefore he should not be executed until the matter was thoroughly investigated. His plea was rejected.

Mark was allowed to meet with his family, hug, kiss and touch them 2 days before his execution, he requested a meeting with a chaplain and put in his order in for his last meal.

Mark Sean Schwab now 39, has been waiting for 15 years to be put to death.

Do you feel bad for him?

I don't. I want him to feel excruciating pain upon his death. I want him to suffer terribly. Not because I want revenge, but because I want justice, I want him to experience the pain and suffering he has caused his victims and their families.

The Crimes:

Mark had a long history of abusing young boys which began when he was only 17 years old, many of these boys kept his attacks a secret and only came forward after the crime in which he was executed for made headlines.

In 1991 Schwab was serving an 8 year sentence for aggravated sexual assault on a 13 year old boy. He was released on March, 1 1992 after serving only 3 of those 8 years. Schwab was put on probation for the next 15 years.

A month after Mark's release, 11 year old Junny Rios-Martinez went missing.

How and why did he get released? Overcrowding? File mishap? No one cared? I think no one cared and people in power who had the obligation and duty to keep this man off the streets did NOT act.

I want you to understand the evil and manipulative preditor I am reffering too, so below are his crimes in detail:

In 1987 he saw Than a 13 year old boy from the neighborhood. Schwab watched Than and his family and one day called their home, he had gathered enough information about the family to know they had just left a dog at a nearby shelter. He told the family that HE adopted their dog and he needed advice on how to care for the dog. Over the next several weeks, Schwab visited the family under this ruse, he charmed them and integrated himself into their lives.

Finally when he saw his chance, he tricked Than into going with him to paint a house, he promised to give him half of the $400 he made.

Than agreed, but instead he was beaten and raped at knife point.

Than was released and later received the $200 in the mail, but Than did not keep the secret as many of Schwab's victims had in the past, Than told his parents and Schwab was arrested.

Although the crime called for either a life sentence or the max of 40 years in prison, Schwab received only 8 years, only serving 3 of those. While Schwab was in prison he was attending a rehabilitation program for sex offenders that ended shortly after his term began due to budget cuts.

His conditional release, required him to register as a sex offender and to attend another rehabilitation program on the outside, which he attended. Mark Sean Schwab attended a session of this program the day before he raped and murdered Junny Rios-Martinez.

In April of 1992 he saw a picture in the Florida Today paper of a boy named Junny Rios-Martinez who had just won a kite flying contest. It was a special area of the paper that would publish photos of children who won contests or did special things in the community.

Schwab had found his new victim.

Mark Sean Schwab called the family claiming to be a reporter from the Florida Today paper named Malcolm Denemark. He told them he was interested in interviewing Junny for another story. The parents agreed to let him come to their home and interview Junny under their supervision.

On the date scheduled Mark Sean Schwab arrived at the Rios-Martinez home and explained to them that Malcolm Denemark was unable to conduct the interview and sent him instead and that he too worked for the newspaper. He had a notebook with questions pre-written which he explained were given to him by Malcolm.

The evil monster sat in their living room under Junny's mother's watchful eye and asked Junny questions about his favorite things to do. Junny told him he loved baseball and had a game scheduled for that night, he also told him he loved to surf and was very good at it.

After a pleasant afternoon at the Rios home, Mark asked if he could attend Junny's baseball game that night to watch Junny play. Junny's mother reluctantly agreed, but Mark never showed up, instead he called the very next day with his real plan.

He told Junny's mother that he had lots of connections with surfing companies and wanted to help Junny get sponsored. For several weeks Mark came at went from the Junny home with surf clothes that he said were being sent by the companies interested in Junny, these items actually had LOGOS from these very REAL companies on them. He was also helping Junny design his own surf clothing for children and often pretended to be in meetings with these companies. He also wrote Mrs. Rios a long letter about how special her family was and how he wanted to write a story about them. Mrs. Rios was touched by the letter.

Eventually, mark told the family he quit his job at the Florida Today paper and was working full time on surfing sponsorships. He arrived with lists and official dates of real competitions. Over time he had scheduled and rescheduled various appointments between Junny and these surf companies, all of these meetings falling through and never really happening.

On April 14, 1991, Mark was going to take Junny to meet one of the surf companies, but he never showed up.

On April 18, 1991 Mark Sean Schwab called Junny's school pretending to be Junny's father, he knew Junny was playing baseball that night and he told the school that he wanted a message given to Junny.

The message was:

"Junny don't take the bus home today, instead meet mom and me at the baseball field." -

They hurriedly brought that message to Junny in class.

Junny and his friend walked to the baseball field together that afternoon. His friend said that as he walked away from the park he saw Junny and a tall man going into a U-HAUL truck.

That night Junny's parents arrived at the ball field at different times, both assuming the other was with Junny.

They were wrong and the search began. Immediately Mrs. Rios called Mark Schwab's phone, but there was no answer. She told the police about Mark and they found his address shortly after and paid a visit to his apartment which he shared with his mother. Mark was not home.

Mark, beat, tortured and raped Junny, putting his little naked and beaten body in a footlocker and dumping it in the woods.

At first he told the police a man named "Donald" forced him at gunpoint to do these things, but after several versions of his DONALD story failed, he later lead them to Junny's body and told the real story.

He said Junny cried and screamed the entire time and that the boy was so frightened his body was shaking uncontrollably. He said he strangled Junny to keeping him from crying.

We as parents try to protect our children as best we can, but how can we do that if we are unaware of the evil that walks and talks like a human? The Rios family had no chance against this monster, they had no warning, no one was protecting them from the vile carcass that was positioning himself to destroy them.

The pain they must feel, the burden of guilt, of letting this evil monster into their lives, I can't imagine, but it is 2008 almost 16 years since this happened and I hope the Rios family finally found their peace in knowing the evil slug is now dead and that maybe the injection was indeed painful.

How about the school? They just blindly assumed the call was from Mr. Rios, without confirmation of some sort and without a call back number.

What about the newspaper exposing children to predators like Mark?

What about the rehabilitation sessions he was attending? The one he attended the day before he tortured and killed JUNNY?


My question to you after reading this is: Should lethal injections be painless for pedophiles who kill?

I hope and pray they are VERY PAINFUL.


Thursday, July 10, 2008

Another young woman is murderered along with her children..sigh

*Update at the end of this post.

Take a good look at this guy's face, his name is Orlando Guarino and he is wanted for questioning in the murder by suffocation of his estranged wife and kids. (He looks so familiar to me!)

A young woman is dead.

At 22 years of age she had two kids, a 2 year old girl and the other a boy 11 months old. Ashely had a lot on her plate, two kids and a 38 year old husband with 16 years on her, in those years he was arrested repeatedly for assault. Recently the couple separated and Ashely was granted an order of protection. In her complaint she indicated that Orlando held their baby boy out the window of a moving car and asked her if "She wanted to see something crazy". He also threatened to kill her and the children and in turn Ashley's father threatened to shoot and kill him.

This crime took place in Washington, PA, but Orlando has family in New Jersey. New Jersey police have been notified and his license plate has been displayed along the highways.

I have no doubt he will be found soon and brought in for "questioning".

*Update: *Taken from the Associated Press

Orlando Maurice Guarino, 38, was charged with
three counts of homicide after being captured in Washington, Pa., said state police Capt. Sheldon Epstein.

This guy is a winner and soooo very smart, check out what he said below:

As he was being led to his arraignment Thursday night, Guarino told reporters he didn't commit the killings. But he also said:
"It could be me, man, you never know. I'm not going to play it out in the media. ... Anything's possible, you know what I mean? You look at the circumstances, I mean, I would accuse me too."

JonBenet Ramsey

Boulder County District Attorney Mary Lacy said no one in the Ramsey family is considered a suspect and formally apologized in a letter to John Ramsey for the cloud of suspicion his family has lived under for nearly 12 years.

"To the extent that we may have contributed in any way to the public perception that you might have been involved in this crime, I am deeply sorry," Lacy wrote. (copied from cnn).

You are sorry? Deeply sorry? Really? Did you send John a basket of fruit with that apology? Why does this woman still have a job after the Mark Karr debacle?
When John and Patsy Ramsey awoke the morning of December 26, 1996 and found that their daughter was NOT asleep in her room, I am sure they could not imagine that they would find their beautiful baby murdered in the basement of their home. The sheer shock of seeing his baby dead caused John to lift her into his arms and scream.

The pain of losing a child is unimaginable, but the pain of knowing she was killed in your very own home, while you slept, has to change you forever, making you cold and stripping you of joy.

As a parent you want to find the monster that did this to your baby. What if the police with no real proof decide that monster is you? What if to sell newspapers and tabloids the media decides you raped your daughter and killed her and then your wife decided to write a ransom note to point the blame elsewhere and pretend that her husband did not just kill her baby.

In 1998 the Boulder District Attorneys office took DNA from JonBenet's underpants and from beneath her fingernails, they also found a pubic hair on her body. They tested this evidence and in 1998 it proved to belong to an unidentified MALE who was NOT John Ramsey or any other Ramsey family member, but still, no statement was made clearing the "umbrella of suspicion" over the Ramseys.

Why are you now apologizing to this family? Why didn't you find the killer? Why did you wasted time punishing this family? Was there ever evidence to show it was John? NO!

I have always believed that JonBenet was killed by a person who attended her pageants, but also a person who knew the family. This person was patient and quite, he new the family and he waited for them to go to sleep, maybe from a hiding place within the house. I believe this was his first offense of this nature because he left physical evidence on her without worry, but since the crime itself was so well thought out, I am sure he was planning this for a while. He knew the house enough to find the basement and JonBenet's room without awakening her parents.

The ransom note left was strange in that it was very long and feels as if it were written by a teenager with illusions of grandeur, so I will not be surprised if this killer was indeed a teen.
In the note the killer makes several points about people NOT liking John, even going so far as to call him a FAT CAT. This tells me this person has illusions about John's financials and is jealous of this. The note then mentions John's southern common sense and tells him he is not the ONLY Fat CAT around, that is a clear indication that this person considers himself a FAT CAT as well.
The note is so childish, has tons of misspellings and can be humorous almost as if it were a silly parody for a comedy skit.

I really believe the reason they can't find a DNA match is because this was a young kid who was just starting out his career as a murderer. I have no doubt we will hear from him again.

Here is a link to the ransom note, please judge for yourself:

Thursday, July 3, 2008

Beautiful Brooke Bennett

There are many stories I come across that just destroy me, but this one put a lump in my throat for days as I waited to hear news regarding the missing 12 year old.

She was Vermont's first Amber Alert, but it was too late, her body was found, she is dead.

Why do we let sex offenders out of jail? Why do we let them come back into our lives? Have we not learned our lesson?

Brooke's uncle Michael Jacques who is married to her mother's sister is a convicted sex offender, he was convicted several times for sexually assaulting minors and was currently accused of assaulting another little girl.

Brooke was last seen at a local grocery store with Michael. Why did Brooke's family allow her to even have contact with this man?

An unnamed 14 year old girl has come forward and said Michael had "tricked" Brooke into going with him to a party, but instead was taking her to get initiated into a child sex ring.

Yes, a child sex ring.

This 14 year old girl said she assumed Brooke would be having sex with adult males the night she was taken as part of the initiation into the sex ring she herself belonged too, because she had been having sex with Michael since she was 9 years old when she first was initiated herself! This teen is also related to Michael.

During the first few weeks into the disappearance of Brooke, her Myspace account indicated she was planning to meet someone she had met on the site and police took this into consideration as often girls meet sex offenders online thinking they are someone else. Investigators soon found out that Brooke's former stepfather had gotten her password from Michael and had sabotaged the investigation by making it "look" like she was meeting someone off the Internet.

It became clear that her Stepfather and her Uncle were planning and running this ring together.

But what happened to Brooke? It is still unclear why she was killed, her body buried near her uncle's house.

It is not a stretch to assume that Brooke did NOT want to have sex with her uncle or any other man and she must have fought and cried and threatened to expose their ring, unlike the many other girls they had abused and sold, Brooke wasn't going to let this happen to her.

I believe she was killed because she refused him. I hope all the disgusting men who participated in this ring are revealed and prosecuted and I hope all of the children are found safe. It would be easier if we could line these men up and just hang them one by one, first by their genitals, then by their necks.

Rest in peace beautiful Brooke.

*Info taken from cnn, mycrimespace.

Wednesday, July 2, 2008


I am just so sick and tired of teens and young unwed mothers giving birth to babies and then killing them or causing their death by doing something stupid, like storing them in their trunk.
SAFE HAVEN laws say you can leave a baby at any hospital, church or firehouse with no questions asked. So why would you not do this? I just don't understand it.
23 Year old Sharena Bess gave birth to her baby then wrapped her baby in a towel and put the baby in a packback in her trunk. I think that is a safe place for a baby don't you?
To make this story all the more ridiculously senseless, she then drove to a healthcare facility to get medical help for herself! After the nurse asked where her baby was, she told the nurse she left the baby in a box at a hospital. WHAT?!! Why didn't she really do that?
NO - the baby was in her trunk, wrapped in a towel in a backpack.