Friday, July 25, 2008

Cindy Anthony's 911 Calls

Everyone is attacking Cindy Anthony for her strong will, for her refusal to believe something terrible has happened to her granddaughter. She will appear on television and throw out wild and seemingly fantastical reasons for why her 22 year old daughter has lied to police, sometimes talking about "codes" and "people watching" and her daughter being "afraid to speak".

I will not attack Cindy, because I don't see an egotistical fame whore as some have called her, to me that is going too far. This mother and grandmother is hurt, she is terrified and she has been thrown into this nightmare unwillingly.

The media, in an effort I guess to make Cindy look like a liar, has released the 911 calls.

We have all read how when Cindy was asked what she thought about the detective stating her daughter's abandoned car smelled of a dead body, Cindy explained that if you put a piece of pizza in your trunk and left it there for days it too would smell like death. However, the tapes reveal that Cindy was the first to reveal that the car smelled of death:
Orange County, Florida officials have released the 911 tapes from two phone calls placed about missing toddler Caylee Marie Anthony on July 14th.

The calls were placed by Cindy Anthony, Caylee's grandmother, weeks after the girl went missing.


Cindy Anthony tells the 911 dispatcher that she wants her daughter arrested for a possible missing child.

The dispatcher probes for more information after Anthony says the 3-year-old has been missing for three weeks.

When asked by the dispatcher with the daughter needed to be arrested Cindy pauses then says she stole her car and her money.

Cindy Anthony continues to ask for an officer to be sent to her house.

Anthony also tells the dispatcher that her daughter has been missing for a month, but was found.
However the 3-year-old granddaughter is still missing.


Sobbing Cindy Anthony once again calls 911 dispatch, saying that the 3-year-old had been kidnapped, and has been missing for 31 days.

Anthony says her daughter said the baby-sitter stole the baby.

"There's something wrong...I found my daughter's car today, it smells like there's been a dead body in the damn car."

Cindy Anthony then hands the phone to her daughter, who admits the girl has been missing for 31 days.

Anthony then gives the name of the nanny believed to have the child.

The dispatcher asks Casey Anthony why she had waited so long to report that the girl was missing.

The mother says "I've been looking for her (the baby sitter) and have gone through other resources to try to find her, which was stupid."

Casey Anthony remains in jail on $500,00 bond, and is considered a person of interest in the case.

Here are the recordings:
I believe these are Cindy's real thoughts and everything that came after is her attempt to keep sane. She knew her daughter did something wrong. Her daughter is so calm it is chilling. Her lies are so well thought out. She says her daughter was missing since June 7th and she has just found her daughter and her car but her granddaughter is missing.

I hate Casey Anthony with every fiber of my being. You can hear Cindy's fear escalating, listen to these in order.

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