Thursday, November 6, 2008

Caylee Anthony may be dead because of Caylee Anthony!

Casey Anthony's defense team sure knows how to anger the public. Casey Anthony is absolutely deranged if she thinks the public is going to consider that her 2 year-old daughter may have poisoned herself with a sedative or chloroform and that she Casey Anthony maybe got scared and maybe made the wrong choice by disposing of her.

There are a lot of maybes going on in the defense house.

Yes, the defense is appealing to the prosecutor in both a memo and a direct plea to the judge on why the death penalty should be removed from the table.

Here is a snip out of that document:

"The crime was not cold, calculated and premeditated. In the months
leading up to Caylee's disappearance, Anthony's behavior was described by friends and family as "erratic and not entirely rational."

He wrote that filicide – the act of a parent killing a child – is different
than other homicides. The underlying reasons why mothers kill are complex and
can be divided into various categories. For example, one type is a parent who
kills under influence of mental illness.

Another type suggests a parent's motive may be to save the child from real
or imagined harm. Juries are more likely to show mothers mercy.

He mentioned Andrea Yates – a Texas mother who drowned all five children –
was sentenced to life in prison. Susan Smith, the Arkansas mother
who pushed her car with her two children inside in a lake, got life in

The bolded area just about made me laugh out loud, this case is nothing but cold and heartless, this girl ran around town after killing her baby telling everyone she was with the nanny all the while going out to bars and dancing and being the perfect girlfriend to a new boyfriend, while her daughter lay rotting somewhere. This cold callous woman, lied to her friends and family and as of yesterday continues to watch her parents tell the world that Caylee is alive, she has not come forward to bring closure to the bleeding hearts of friends, family and strangers, who desperately want an answer. Her lawyer even attached baby photos of Casey Anthony to appeal to the sympathy of the viewer as if seeing Casey as a small innocent child would erase the countless beautiful photos they have seen of poor little innocent murdered Caylee.

If Casey Anthony wants the death penalty off the table, then she needs to tell us where to find Caylee.

Also, if her defense attorney thinks that Casey Anthony did not plan to kill her baby he is as ridiculous as his face makes him out to be. This girl had a new boyfriend, new friends, no job, her mother was constantly on her back about work and taking responsibility for her child. She wanted this anchor gone, she wanted Caylee gone so that she could be free and when she murdered Caylee we all have proof of the freedom she gained, the photos of her at bars, the video of her skipping through blockbuster with her boyfriend, the text messages of glee asking friends to meet her at Fusion nightclub, the new tattoo, the post on myspace about everyone dying eventually, the countless parties she attended, we know the motive was to be a free bird, because for a while she got what she wanted.

Also, his bit about Casey being erratic before the disappearance is concerning as well as the mention of Andrea Yates, will he try to claim Casey had a form of post partum depression?

The state has not yet decided on the death penalty, so he is really jumping the gun.

What happened to her story about the nanny or the dangerous kidnappers? Has anyone informed George and Cindy Anthony that the defense is now almost flat out stating in writing that Caylee is indeed dead?

By the way the difference between Andrea Yates, Susan Smith and Casey Anthony is, that Andrea called the police and told them she had killed her children and Susan Smith admitted she killed her boys. Casey Anthony is still lying and Caylee is still out there somewhere.

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Anonymous said...

That is really sad. I got interested in this case, untill I found out that she is dead. I'ma kid so I wasn't sure. But I pray to Got that she is out there somewhere. But I know she isn't, I have read all the stories that I can find and they all saound lke she is dead. And I feel sirry for the friends and family that she had that cared for her.
R.I.P Caylee M. Anthony