Friday, December 19, 2008

Rest In Peace Caylee Marie Anthony

The remains found near the Anthony home last week have been confirmed to be those of beautiful 2 year old Caylee Marie Anthony.

The medical examiner revealed that there were no injuries to her bones and no sign of how she died, however due to the circumstances of the case, the evidence found at the scene and the condition of the body, she is listing the cause of death as Homicide.

How anyone could hurt a child and put her in a garbage bag and dump her in the woods is beyond my understanding. How a MOTHER can do this to her little baby girl is beyond reason.

My heart aches for what Caylee's life could have been. It is unfair and someone needs to pay.

Who is the Meter Reader?

A new twist in the Casey Anthony case has now the potential of throwing another person into the hurricane of this circus. As soon as his identity is revealed every aspect of his life will be analyzed, dissected and distributed to the world.

On Thursday of last week, a meter reader called 911 and told authorities he went into the woods by the Anthony home to take a pee pee and he stumbled upon a bag which he happened to kick and a small skull happened to fall out.

As of yesterday, we know it didn't really go down like that. According to the Sheriff department at a news conference yesterday, they revealed that the same meter reader had called in "tips" about the same area in August. He called the crime line on August 11, August 12 and August 13.

On August 11 a deputy trooper responded to a call about the area, he arrived, but said no one was there to meet him, he looked around and then left.

On August 12 another trooper arrived and while searching he came in contact with a large snake and decided not to risk it and declared the area clear.

The August 13 call is still under investigation.

Along with the information about the meter reader being a former tipster, they also revealed that after clearing a portion of the woods on their grid system, they went back to a previously cleared area and found more bones. I am not sure why they think this is important to announce, unless they believe the bones are being planted by crazies.

Everything is unclear at this point and there will be another live press conference this afternoon at 2PM to make announcements about all of this new information.

There are some people who think the meter reader information is irrelevant to this case and will not matter, there are others, like me, who think otherwise.

The defense is going to have a field day with this guy. Depending on the outcome of the autopsy and the revelation of what evidence if any was found with the body, the defense can claim this guy had access to the body since August, that he had time to go back to the scene and tamper with evidence. That he knew the body was there and was free to come and go and touch and move things around.

Or they can say that the calls in August and the searches because of the calls yielded no body and that the body was never there and only recently placed there to frame Casey Anthony.

They will use this against the prosecution in some way, maybe also to show the incompetence of the Sheriff's department.

I am worried about this interfering with the case and putting a damper and doubt in the minds of the jury about the work of investigators.

What will we learn today at 2PM?

I will update this page after the news conference.

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Has the Defense gone insane?

I was reluctant to write an entire entry about Casey Anthony's defense team, but after today's horrific display of stupidty, I just had to vent.

Jose Baez, lead defense attorney in the Casey Anthony case has already requested two emergency hearings since the unidentified remains of a small child were found near the home of his client. His requests were heard in both instances and he was denied of most of them.

I don't know what his angle is but I am pretty sure he is a moron.

The body was retrieved from the crime scene by highly respected medical examiner Dr. G. She, as is normal procedure, will examine the remains and determine a cause of death as well as confirm the identity of the corpse. As of today the body has NOT been identified as Caylee Anthony, but it seems Jose Baez is an inpatient man.

On the very day the bones were found, Mr. Baez called an emergency hearing, at this hearing he wanted to have his experts and team watch and give "suggestions" during the autopsy.
Basically, he wanted his medical examiner and others to enter Dr. G's lab and stand over her shoulder while she examined the body of a small unidentified child, and he wanted them to suggest things as the examination was in play. The body has not been confirmed to be part of his case and he is jumping the gun, but who cares, he says his client has the right to have someone watch the body being examined. His client, you know the one in jail for suspicion of murdering the very child in question.

The judge denies the motion and reminds Baez that the body has yet to be identified.

Well today he filed another motion, this one was for him to view crime scene photos, sketches and evidence as well as a request for a second autopsy by his examiner. He also wants access to the crime scene where investigators are still slowly combing through and collecting evidence.

He called the recovery of evidence an EXCAVATION, making a joke and taking a jab at photos taken near the crime scene where agents are sifting through barrels of dirt looking for bones. He was complaining about the time it is taking to investigate the crime scene. He wants to appoint someone to oversee the medical examiner to make sure she is doing everything they deem appropriate. He then completed that by adding that the defense are clearly the only people who care about what is happening. Not the people working day and night to gather evidence, no, those guys are just having fun.

His motions were denied.

The judge called his requests folly and added that he can't even do half of what Baez is requesting and that he will not assist the defense in interfering with a criminal investigation.

The defense's requests are a bit premature as the body has not been identified, unless of course his client admitted to him that it was Caylee.

Why is the defense so eager to interfere with the investigation, why are they so eager to be a part of the autopsy? Why do they want to see the crime scene in its original state? The crime scene will obviously be altered as the body is removed and evidence taken.

What is this guy's angle? Is it some type of strategy or is he really a moron?

I have a feeling he is trying to get as much information as possible as soon as possible so that he can build her defense around the cause of death and he can start leaking information to the media about her being framed in order to poison the jury pool.

I mean it will be a severe hit if the baby died of chloroform poisoning or if chloroform is found in her body, he will need to evaluate her options since chloroform was searched on their home computer. He may have a better chance if she died of some other cause.

Is the defense trying to tamper with evidence? All of these experts, including her lawyers are doing this work pro bono, their careers are on the line so why would they take on such a difficult case? What are they capable of doing in order to win?

Their aggressive behavior so far has been a bit disturbing. We have yet to hear the new story from Casey about why her daughter was found in a garbage bag less than a mile from her home. We have yet to hear the Anthony's speak of their new theories, now that the Caylee is alive theory may be a dud.

The body has not been identified. Everyone is holding their tongue and lies until after the facts are released and Jose Baez is trying to get the facts ASAP.

I feel sick about how all of this is going down.

Also, the lawyer for George and Cindy Anthony is asking for immunity for the grandparents, he admits they have given conflicting statements in the past, but say that they are ready to speak if the body is indeed that of Caylee, but they want immunity in exchange. So we are to accept that they have lied in the past, but are now ready to tell the truth but they don't want to be prosecuted or held accountable for the lies they told which hindered and quite possibly obstructed the investigation and in the end justice?

What if the body yet to be identified never was found? Would the Anthony's have allowed their lies and conflicting statements to exist and keep investigators from finding Caylee and prosecuting the guilty?

Friday, December 12, 2008

Anthony Home Now a "Crime Scene"

After working all night and into the morning hours, the Anthony home was declared a crime scene last night. Crime scene investigators have completed their search of the home and have gathered from it, three vacuum cleaners, two pesticide tanks, a small pillow, notebooks, papers, some brown bags full of other unknown evidence and a few brown boxes of evidence.

Today investigators return to the wooded area where the bones of a small child were found early yesterday to gather more evidence.

The sheriff has said that an item that was found with the body gave them the clue they needed to get a search warrant for the Anthony home.

My guess is by taking the vacuum cleaners they are looking to match fibers caught on the duct tape that was found with the body to the carpet fibers and pet hair from the Anthony home.

If they match these fibers or even worse if they find pet hair from the Anthony pets on the tape or on the body, then it is without a doubt that Caylee was murdered by her mother and the link can't be denied.

The pesticide tanks they took is something important as well. Remember the cadaver dogs that hit in areas of the Anthony's backyard? Two separate dogs signaled that a dead body was in that backyard. This tells me that in the garbage bag with the bones there was some dirt and grass that was independent from the dirt surrounding the bag. George Anthony is a proud yard keeper, if the dirt in the bag matches the dirt from his backyard and even further the type of pesticide he used on that grass, then there we have another strong link to go with the cadaver dogs.

The sheriff saying that when they looked in the bag they immediately saw something that sent them to search the Anthony home, tells me she may have been wrapped in a blanket or with an item from the home, or she had clothes or jewelry that she was previously seen wearing in a photo at the home. (There are reports that clothes were found near the bag, but this has yet to be confirmed).

I want to say a few things.

To one of my heroes Tim Miller, who was recently ill, but still made his way to Orlando, on his birthday to stand by Caylee's side, who from the beginning stayed to search for Caylee even with the hollers and screams of cruel people telling him to go away, I want to say that you are an inspiration to many people and I hope you know that you are dearly loved. Please get well and take care of yourself, the missing need you.

On another note: I keep seeing commercials for the Larry King show about Cindy and George giving an interview tonight from their home (the current crime scene) to discuss the latest findings. I really hope they reconsider going on TV and just stay close and find peace in silence for now. I don't know if I can stomach seeing Cindy even now defending her daughter. I can't look at that frail woman with all of her anger. I am sure until the DNA comes back she will continue to believe this is not Caylee.

I want to remind you quickly about Casey Anthony's appearance and her form of dressing when visiting her lawyer after being released on bond the first time.

Does she look like a suffering mother? By the way those sunglasses were bought with a stolen check, we all saw the video of her walking up to the register and giving them the stolen check to purchase them and she still had the balls to wear them in public.

Thursday, December 11, 2008

Has Caylee come home?

*Quick Updates:

  • Search warrant includes requests of photos. Could it be that Casey Anthony left a piece of jewelry on Caylee? Clothes?
  • The area where the body was found was about a 3 to 4 minute walk from the Anthony home.
  • The area could not be searched before because of flooding in that area, snakes and a makeshift gate that was put up.
  • The utility worker was driving and had to use the bathroom and made his way through the woods, he had a prodding pole and was looking for a smooth spot (he was not just taking a whiz) he saw a black garbage bag and kicked it for no reason and a small skull came out. He immediately called police. *If this wasn't divine intervention I just don't know what is. Last night Cindy Anthony said "there is nothing absolutely nothing that law enforcement has found that proves Caylee is no longer with us" - well it seems little Caylee stepped in to reveal herself.
  • Cindy Anthony still is adamant that this is NOT Caylee.
  • The Anthony's are not home yet from their trip to Cali to speak on Larry King
  • The Anthony home has been locked down and a warrant is ready to be given to the Anthony's to search their home again.
  • Jose Baez went to the jail to give Casey the news, he arrived at 12pm and left about an hour later. He did NOT go to the scene of the discovery.
  • There are reports that Casey Anthony is under psychological watch and that she is having anxiety attacks and trouble breathing in her cell.
  • Duct tape was found wrapped around the skull - may be over the mouth area.
  • The Bones were removed by Doctor G medical examiner and are being first taken to her lab and then will be taken to an FBI lab in Virginia.
  • Death Penalty could be put back on the table.
  • Deals will be revoked.
  • Trial will be delayed.
  • Sheriff is pretty sure it is Caylee but will wait until Doctor G confirms.
  • The scene is being dried out due to the rain and then it will be fully searched for evidence.

According to one of the most respected crime bloggers I know, it seems authorities believe Caylee Marie Anthony has been found.

A utility worker was in a remote area a half a mile from the Anthony home, when he discovered a plastic bag tied with duct tape. He lifted the bag and a small skull (my heart aches) fell out.

The bag was found in an area that could not be accessed at the time of earlier searches because it was under water and fenced off, due to some of the storms that passed through Florida.

DNA tests will have to be conducted to prove without a doubt that Caylee has been found.

The rumor mill online says this is a place where Casey used to hang as a teen.

I have been hoping for this little precious angel to be found and brought home to be at peace. So why does it hurt so bad? I am not even related to them, but I feel wounded and I am in pain.

How dare I, I have no right. But it hurts me, I am so sorry.

After all I have said about Cindy and George Anthony - I do know this will destroy them and I can't imagine their pain.

I wish them strength and clarity.

I don't want them to abandon their daughter, but I hope they want justice for Caylee.

Here is a quote from Tim Miller and Leonard Padilla both men have been looking for Caylee passionately.

Tim Miller, founder of the Texas-based search group Equusearch, said he had been called by law enforcement officials and told they believed they had found Caylee Anthony.

"The words were, 'Tim, it looks like we got her,'" said Miller. "I'm surprised. It was one of them cases I thought would have never been found… I thought the best thing that would ever happen is that one day we could go to a funeral and say good-bye to this little girl… and it looks like that will happen."

"I'm just overcome with emotion and grief right now," said bounty hunter Leonard Padilla, who has been a major part of search efforts to find Caylee's body.

The lies were like punches to my face..

*Update: Just as I hit publish on this entry. The remains of a child were found near the Anthony home. The skeletal remains.

This is not personal and I have no right to interject myself in the lives of George and Cindy Anthony, but for some reason each time I see them and I hear them change their story and lie repeatedly, well it feels like they are punching me in the face.

I can't pretend or guess how it must feel to be the parents of a lying thieving and quite possibly murdering child. I don't know how my brain would react to a situation like this, but I would hope that throughout the process I could at least keep my honesty and story in check.

Caylee Anthony went missing on June 16th, but her mother decided she was not going to report it or tell anyone about her 2 year old daughter being missing. During the time her child was missing she was not living at home with her parents and they in turn were clueless. She was living with her boyfriend who only met and saw Caylee a handful of times before June 16th and never did see her after June 16th, which happened to be the very week his girlfriend Casey (Caylee's mother) moved in with him. Casey told her friends and family her daughter was with the "Nanny".

Had it not been for Casey's car being towed and Cindy's persistence on July 15th (an entire month after the last sighting of Caylee) in seeing her granddaughter, who can even guess how long Casey Anthony was going to keep the fact that her daughter was missing a secret?

In July we have the recorded statements made by Casey Anthony to two detectives, the entire interview was a waste of time, all of it, every word was proven to be a lie. She even admits on tape that she was lying to the detectives about where she worked and where she had last left her daughter, when asked why she lied, she says she doesn't know, that maybe she is trying to help them subconsciously, by leading them to places she thinks she may be.

Last night her parents were on Larry King.
Last night her parents changed the story again mid segment.

First we hear Larry King ask George Anthony if he thought it was strange that his granddaughter was missing for a month and his daughter didn't tell him.

George answers: "Not really" - really George you don't think that is strange? You think when kids are kidnapped that other mothers wait a month before admitting it to anyone that their child is gone and in danger? George I hope when you speak to other parent's of missing kids that you refrain from looking them in the eyes.

Larry King then asks: "Why didn't she tell you?

George answers: "Not Sure" - I agree I am not sure either.

Cindy Anthony then says that her daughter was scared to tell people where Caylee was and what happened because there have been threats to the family and to Caylee's life.

Larry King asks: "Threats by who?"

Cindy Anthony tells him threats by the kidnapper, she says again that Zenada Fernandez the famed fake nanny has Caylee and was making threats to the family and to Caylee's life if Casey tells the truth. However in her FBI interviews Cindy clearly states she doesn't believe there is an actual Zenada, but that her daughter is just speaking to her in code and is actually referring to her ex-boyfriend and trying to tell her that he is involved, but no, right now, in front of Larry, she doesn't say that, she sticks with the script of Zenada being real again.

Larry King asks: "For what purpose did she take Caylee?"

Cindy says she hasn't "sorted that part out yet" - yeah Cindy you better work on that.

Here is where it gets strange.

Larry Kings asks George where he thinks Caylee is right now.

George answers that she is with a loving family who is taking care of her, he hopes.

Cindy must have felt like slapping her husband, doesn't he know she can't be with a loving family if she is with a crazed kidnapper who is threatening to kill the Anthony clan and Caylee?

George keeps going off the script.

Larry King then plays the 911 call in which Cindy screams about her daughter's car smelling like a dead body. Cindy doesn't flinch while listening to the call, she doesn't cry, she doesn't blink.

Larry King asks: "Do you suspect your daughter or ever suspected her?
Cindy Anthony: "No. Casey WAS a loving mother."

A caller to the show chimes in to ask George in his personal professional opinion (he was a former Law Enforcement person or another years ago) what did he think about the smell in his daughter's car.

Now we all know (and so does the caller) that George Anthony told FBI agents who were interviewing him at George's request that from his experience the smell in the car was the smell of a dead body, he even went so far as to tell the FBI agent that he knows that smell and that the smell is something you never forget and the smell clings to you. He even says he pressed his nose to the floor of the trunk just to make sure he was smelling what he thought he was smelling. He admits to them that when he first went to open the trunk he prayed the bodies of his daughter and granddaughter were not inside. After this interview with FBI agents George Anthony became ill and threw up. We all saw it. It was released to the public we all heard George say that in his heart he must believe his granddaughter is alive for his wife's sake, but that deep down he knows something else.

And yet his answer to that caller was this:

"My professional opinion is I never knew how long it would take garbage to smell that bad.."

um what???

Next we have a caller who puts Cindy in the same hot seat. She asks Cindy why on the 911 call did she say the car smelled like a dead body and now she is saying it was trash, why did she change her mind about the smell?

Now before I give you Cindy's answer, I want to tell you I fully expected her to say, she was mistaken, she was nervous and assumed the most horrid of things, that she was wrong on the 911 call and when she became calmer she realized she jumped to the wrong conclusion. I think I would have accepted any one of those reasons.

Cindy Anthony said: "I never changed my mind, the car smelled." and "The man at the towing yard told me himself it was the garbage that smelled." and "Every time I open my refrigerator I make a comment about how something died in there".

Larry King goes on to ask about the photo of Casey Anthony dancing at a club and grinding up against some chick just days after their daughter claims her child was taken and she was frantically looking for her.

Now in the past the Anthony's have claimed the photos were fake and actually taken before Caylee went missing, but that story was debunked because the photographer came forward and so did many of the other people in the pictures to say it was indeed the week after her child was missing.

So their new claim is that Casey was working and being paid to take those photos as a promotion for the club to entice people into going to the club, oh and that it was really only one photo.

Well, no there were a few photos, some of which had her sitting on her new boyfriend's lap. Also, let us not forget the many text messages that were released in which Casey is begging her friends to come to the club and party with her almost every night after she lost her daughter. Oh yes and the constant updates on her myspace page about how much fun she is having, oh and the tattoo she got, her nails and pedicures, her trips to blockbuster and her many nights of entertaining.

Larry King then reminds the Anthony's that even though they believe their daughter, do they not at least see how the investigators would suspect her of being involved, you know after all the lies and stuff.

Cindy Anthony replies a firm: "NO".

The point of this entire interview is in part to cast doubt about Caylee being dead. I think it is also aimed at those people who don't really follow every aspect of the case, or have seen the released FBI interviews. They want the uninformed public to believe the police have purposely avoided evidence that proves Caylee is alive. They say this entire thing is a miscarriage of justice. They say there is no evidence, we all know there is evidence that a dead body was in her car. They want you to hear about the many sightings of Caylee in California two weeks ago and then in Tennessee just this week and let us not forget the sighting at the Orlando mall not far from their home in mid November. Many times Cindy Anthony has claimed she and her daughter know exactly where Caylee is, but those statements have fallen away, why? Did they lose her again? They claimed to be watching the people who are watching them who have Caylee. What happened to those people?

Today, this week, they want you to believe the crazy dangerous nanny has been traveling all over the USA within days going cross country, all the while continuing her threats to kill the Anthony's and Caylee, but yet giving Caylee a loving home according to George .

How is the Nanny traveling? By train, bus, airplane? How long does it take to drive from Cali to Orlando and then to Tennessee?

I think what we need to do is round up all the women named Zenada Fernandez Gonzalez Rodriguez Jimenez out there between the ages of 24 to 30 and investigate them one by one.

According to Cindy there are thousands of them that the police have ignored.

To end this all, George Anthony is upset because no Amber Alert was issued for Caylee Anthony, he thinks the police totally screwed it up by not issuing an Amber Alert.

A simple google search will tell you the criteria needed for an Amber Alert in his state of Florida:

  1. There must be a clear indication of an abduction. - Casey Anthony it seemed never intended to report her daughter's abduction, it is incorrect to say she waited 31 days to report her child missing, because she never reported her child missing, her mother did after Casey refused to take her to see Caylee. There was no clear indication of abduction and 31 days from the day of the abduction, no one knew what to think and Casey's constant lies were very confusing.

  2. The law enforcement agency's investigation must conclude that the child's life is in danger. - Casey Anthony made it clear to authorities the very day she was being questioned and on the 911 call, that her daughter was just fine and she actually spoke to her that very day. There was no clear indication of danger.

  3. There must be a detailed description of child and/or abductor/vehicle to broadcast to the public (photo when available). - there was no vehicle description until days later and then again it had been 31 days since the person took Caylee, who and what are they searching for? After Casey gave them the address of the kidnapper and the description, the police discovered the address wasn't real and no one other than Casey knew this Kidnapper/Nanny. A release of a description of someone whose identity and existence is in question is not possible.

  4. The activation must be recommended by the local law enforcement agency of jurisdiction. - Not once did Casey Anthony ask law enforcement to issue an amber alert, or the Anthony's. Not once in those few days did they ask why an Amber Alert was not issued.

It looks like the person to blame for lack of an Amber Alert is their daughter Casey Anthony, who it seems is to blame for everything, I am even inclined to blame her for my own troubles and for global warming.

My unimportant, insignificant advice for the Anthony's is, before you make the disappearance of your beautiful granddaughter a national and international joke, please reevaluate your position and try to be honest and tell the truth instead of putting up the smoke screen, because I am tired of being punched in the face.

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Beautiful Michelle Young

When I look at pictures of Michelle Young I feel like I know her, like she and I would have made great friends. There are a few cases like Michelle's that bring on a flood of different emotions in me. I feel like I know her, I feel rage, I feel sad, I feel it is all hopeless..

I have written about the case before, please click here to get the full story

To recap, she was 5 months pregnant with a little boy, she and her daughter Cassidy were home alone when someone came in and repeatedly beat and strangled Michelle in her own bedroom while Cassidy was there. Michelle put up a good fight, but in the end, he had won and both Michelle and her unborn baby boy died on that floor, but why?

Jason Young, Michelle Young's husband has just been found liable in a wrongful death civil suit brought on by Michelle's mother. Jason didn't even bother to respond to the civil case, or attend the trial, or talk to anyone about it, or claim his innocence and so by DEFAULT the court ruled in Linda Fischer's favor.

It has been two long years since Michelle was brutally and viciously murdered. Her daughter Cassidy is still living with the man I believe killed her mommy and brother. There is a lot of evidence that was made public and you can read about it by clicking the above link, but here is some new information that I didn't have during that posting:

Often people wonder how Jason Young (or an intruder) would have been able to kill Michelle without Cassidy seeing it or hearing it and getting in the way.

Here is your answer: An open bottle of extra strength adult Tylenol and a medicine dropper were found on Cassidy's dresser. It is my belief Jason used the medicine to forcibly put Cassidy to sleep while he killed her mother or after he killed her to ensure she would sleep through the night since she was alone, until he could get Michelle's sister over there in the morning under the ruse of a secret fax that needed to be retrieved.

Little bloody footprints: There were tiny bloody footprints on the floor of the bedroom, however, when Cassidy was found her feet were clean. Now, would an intruder clean blood from a baby's feet before putting her to bed?

Search on his computer: "anatomy of a knockout," "head trauma knockout," "divorce" and "gay bars in New York City ""right posterior parietal occipital region" -- the occipital region is in the back of the head – and "ischemia," the decrease in the blood supply to parts of the body caused by constriction or obstruction of blood vessels.

*Michelle was killed by blunt force trauma to the head and strangulation.

His email to his mistress days before the murder: "i don't know how all this happened, but i know how it will end up … two broken hearts … but, i don't care. i know there is pain in my future, but you are so worth it, even if it's only for a 'blink' in time."

* I want to note that this mistress was Michelle Young's friend from who was also married. She is an effing whore bag. Any woman that would sleep with the husband of her friend who is 5 months pregnant is an effing whore bag. She will remain nameless that effing whore bag.
The phone calls: There were 28 cell phone calls between Jason Young and his mother before 1:37 p.m. on Nov. 3, the day Michelle Young's body was found.

The 911 call from Meredith Fisher was made at 1:25 p.m.

*Why was he calling mommy so often before the body was even found? 28 calls to mommy while on a "business trip" and not one call to your wife at home?

Linda Fischer called Jason Young 4 times after her daughter was found dead, Jason Young silenced these calls and never returned her call, investigators found that he had checked his voicemail and listened to his mother in laws calls as soon as they came in, but he did not return her call and only later that day when he arrived at his MOMMY'S house was he told his wife was found dead.

Since I have listed all of the other evidence in my original Michelle Young post, I will leave you with this new email, it seems one of his sister's was rightfully concerned for Cassidy's well being, she emailed and asked her brother the following:

"What happens when her little friends aren't allowed to come play with her or spend the night because rumor is her daddy killed her mommy?"

Jason's reply:

"You spend your days on the Internet going into chat rooms where you're not going to find anything good written about the situation, but in time things will die down. Most people out there don't know one thing about any of this."

Jason Young is hoping after 2 years things will just die down and people will forget his beautiful wife, whom he never seemed concerned about, he never asked how she was killed and never met with investigators to find out what happened, he has never asked for updates or leads, he has never offered any information on what he thinks might have happened, he didn't attended her funeral, he hasn't spoken publicly about the vicious murder of his wife and unborn child. He didn't call her family, he didn't hug her family and grieve with them, he didn't grieve.

Michelle will not be forgotten and I hope to write about his arrest very soon.

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Laura Garza

This story is unfolding in my own backyard and so I feel the need to dig deeper and put myself in the place of this young and very beautiful girl. I have been reading some angry comments about how she should have known better and I want to give it a different perspective.

The Reality:
Laura Garza is currently missing in New York City, she is 25 years old and moved here from Texas a few months ago. She settled in Bayridge Brooklyn and the media keeps reporting that she ventured out to be a part of the "city club scene".

I don't know what that means.

She went to Marquee one night, seems like a normal thing to do for 25 year old single girl.

The media adding the club scene thing is disappointing, because it seems they want to make the story more than what it is. I will not fall into that black hole of lets allude to the victim being to blame.

Before I continue, I want to be clear, this could have happened in Texas and just because she was new to new york city doesn't mean she was an idiot and made a huge stupid mistake in the big bad dangerous city. There are plenty of native girls who would do the same and could have easily been in her shoes. But it didn't happen to a native new york girl, it happened to Laura and her family and it is a nightmare.

Laura did nothing wrong and she did not cause this to happen, in no way is she to blame.

Women should be allowed the freedom of going out with friends and not having to worry about being kidnapped or raped and then killed, but in all honesty before we can solve this epidemic of violence against women, we need to see that there are real dangers out there and so as a woman you MUST worry, whether you are in New York or Texas.

It is unfair to blame Laura. Unknowingly Laura entered a boxing match as soon as she met Michael, she was up against a sick opponent, he had the advantage here and how can you fight something you don't know is there?

You may run into a hundred guys who are very nice and take you to have some breakfast after a night of partying and then put you in a cab back home. But for every nice guy there are at least 10 dirt bags and from those at least one is a sick twisted fuck.

Laura happened to meet the sick twisted fuck. Now, before you go and say, she should have seen it coming, please take into account that this man was a predator, he knows what to say and what to do to catch his prey, he knows how many glasses of wine or bottles of beer it takes, he has the words, he has the plan.

We don't know what he said to get her to leave with him.

The Suspect:
Michael Mele owned a Quiznos sandwich shop, he threw out cash like toilette paper, he drove a Jaguar, Bentley and Lamborghini at times. He portrayed himself as a high roller. He is not bad looking and is 23 years old. He had friends with him that night that could have confirmed his status as "the man". He is the son of a former transit cop.

So if you are Laura out and about and you meet this guy with his friends, how can you look at him and think "sex offender" (unless you are me of course, I first think sex offender and then I think serial killer and then slowly come around..maybe, but how can you call that a life? I am constantly paranoid..I digress).

Laura did leave with him. I am hearing there was also a friend with them, so no, she did not leave alone with him.
She is now missing.
He was the last to be seen with her.
She was last seen in his affluent neighborhood in upstate new york.

He cleaned his entire apartment with bleach.
He has no alibi.
His lawyer is refusing to let him speak to Law Enforcement.
He had scratches and bite marks on him upon his arrest.
He is now in jail on violation of his probation which was to stay away from alcohol, attend sex offender rehab class (yeah right) and report to his probation officer.

Why didn't his probation officer notify someone when he didn't show at their meeting or to class?

His offenses included forcibly touching women at the mall. He even followed a woman to her car and when she locked herself inside her car, he masturbated against her car window. He has charges of exposing himself to children under the age of 13.

Why is this man allowed to purchase and run a public eatery where he is in constant contact with women and children daily?

It is often said that sex offenders can't be rehabilitated and that their offenses only escalate. I am a strong believer that sex offenders can't rehabilitate and should be tattooed right smack on the forehead so that there is no mistake on their identity, but sigh, even evil people have rights. It continues to be a guessing game for the public and young women like Laura.

It looks like Michael Mele the son of a former transit cop, owner of a Quiznos, who drives around in Jaguars, just took it to the ultimate level.

I will keep you posted.

Friday, December 5, 2008

Casey Anthony Jailhouse Visits Released

While watching these newly released jailhouse visit videos, I became sick and I had to stop. I could not get through them all as my blood pressure was rising and I found my heart rate increasing and my breakfast was hanging in the balance.

I have linked to the videos, please watch them if you think you can handle it. Here are a few things that stood out from the little I managed to watch.

Visit with her parents:

The very first time Casey gets a visit from her parents while in jail in late July, the very first thing she does, is give her parents a huge smile and laugh. That in itself is not that bad, but if you look at her mother, you can see how depleted of energy Cindy Anthony is, she looks tired and worn as if she is the one in jail and then you look at Casey and she is smiling and laughing and seems so very calm.

Cindy's first words are:

"Casey we forgive anything that you have said,"

- Casey ignores her mother and complains that the phone is too loud.

Cindy Anthony: "Casey we forgive anything you have said," - she repeats.

Casey Anthony replies in the most annoyed way - "I haven't said anything don't worry".

* What does this mean? What did Cindy think Casey said?

Next Cindy Anthony asks,

"Casey everyone is looking for Caylee, are we going to be able to find her?" - this question to me is really asking "Are they looking in vain, is she dead?"

Casey Anthony replies, "I hope so".

Cindy Anthony is having a hard time reading her daughter and making sense of her answers, so she tells Casey:

"Look up so I can look in your eyes, you know I have to"

*Cindy Anthony is trying to tell through the video monitor if her daughter is lying. To me, this is something Cindy has done in the past to see if her daughter is lying or not.

Casey Anthony gets annoyed and makes excuses about the video monitor and not being able to look in the camera and see them at the same time. She laughs at her mother's stupidity in not knowing that in order to show her eyes she would have to look in the camera.

Cindy then continues to insist that she look into the camera and lift her head higher.

Casey goes to plan B - she pretends to cry.

That makes mom forget about her eyes and all.

Cindy gives her little time to avoid the questions and jumps right in there with:

"Do you have any pictures of Caylee in ZANNY'S apartment"

Casey Anthony: "I don't know, I asked Lee to look through all the pictures". - blah.

Cindy tells her to look in her eyes again. Casey laughs (WTF)

Casey Anthony: "I don't Know".

So far Casey has uttered in the most annoying baby whining way, the words "I DON'T KNOW" - about five times. She is also wiping tears that are clearly not falling from her eyes.

Casey switches gears and again becomes the puppet master of the family, she changes the subject and begins giving her parents "tasks" to keep them busy looking for Caylee, she wants "more than one person running errands for her outside".

Now daddy gets on the video conference phone and oh boy does she switch to her personality I like to call "little wounded kitty cat".

Papa George says, "Hello beautiful".
Casey, "I look like hell".

She then starts to cry a lot for daddy...I mean lots of wiping from the corners of her eyes and looking down.

He then suddenly mentions wanting to find Caylee.

Her brain malfunctions at the sound of her daughter's name and she becomes annoyed again, the tears stop and she insists, "I am doing everything I can".

Throw in a few more "I don't knows".

While still talking to daddy, Cindy is watching her daughter intensely through the video monitor.

I bet she is still trying to read those empty eyes.

Cindy gets back on the horn and asks her another question that would help find Caylee and then she whines.."Mom, I don't know" this one is a little more weepy than the others.

Cindy pulls out the shotgun of questions and asks:

"What message do you want me to give Caylee?"

This is Casey's alert to start the tears again fresh and rub her face and eyes and focus on crying.

"Tell her that mommy loves her very much and to be brave" - she makes a strange awkward face when she says this. (I wonder if this is what she would say to her before leaving her alone in her car to go party.."Caylee, be brave").

Then she ends that charade by saying: " I truly, truly, truly love that little girl".

She then starts to make promises to write letters to her parents with more information and send it through regular mail.

Cindy Anthony will have none of that and says she doesn't want to wait on her letters, she switches gears and says,

"Casey are you trying to protect the family from something?"

Casey immediately says: "I am not protecting my family from anything I have done."

Cindy then pushes the idea and pushes Casey to admit she is protecting the family by lying. Casey doesn't seem to go in that direction, instead she says she doesn't want to talk about

Cindy then asks if anyone had access to the house.

Casey sort of, kinda says Zanny the crazy kidnapping nanny may have had a key.

Lastly Casey says the police department and their detectives were twisting her words and she didn't want to talk to them anymore.

NEW FLASH: They released recordings of your answers and conversations with law enforcement and the public heard you actually speaking, your words can't be twisted if they were heard from your very mouth.

Cindy asks if she has a message for Tony (her boyfriend). Casey gets upset and tells her mother that Tony has not replied to her notes sent through Jose Baez (her lawyer) and that he refuses to talk to her or Jose. She explains it took a visit from a good friend to point that out.

Point what out? That the guy doesn't want anything to do with you? DUH.

Visit with her brother, Lee Anthony:

This was by far the hardest video to watch. Casey Anthony is tickled pink by the sight of her brother, she is giggling and laughing and is just ready to burst.

When they begin to talk they seem strangely cordial, like polite strangers, nervously laughing.

What angers me about this video is that Lee Anthony decides he is going to speak in code. They know that they are being recorded so why would they want to give up information that would lead authorities to discovering anything potentially useful?

Lee tells her he has gone through her phone records. She asks him if he got her "notes". He says yes.

He tells her that he saw that on the day Caylee went missing she either phoned or text messaged three people before calling mom.

She agrees and says she knows what he is talking about.

He goes on to ask if any of these people were involved in anyway.

Casey Anthony says yes, that in her gut she believes two of those people are involved, one more than the other. In her gut they are involved.

Lee spends the next few minutes trying to figure out which two people she is talking about without saying their names. Casey of course is confused because she is lying and has no idea who he is referring to and keeps laughing...hmm is she laughing with him or at him?

She uses the word "potentially" a lot.

Lee is taking notes as she lies. Poor Lee.

This is when I stop watching this video, cause between her laughing and flipping her hair back and forth and Lee's "detective" voice, I just can't handle it.

George Anthony visits Casey alone:

Again George greets Casey with a "hello beautiful". Casey turns on the waterworks.

George begins to lay it on thick. He starts talking about Caylee and how it will be her birthday in a week, his voice is shaky.

George then says he wants Casey home by her birthday, he is pleading with her to please help him do that.

"Dad I know that!" she gets angry. He notices her anger. She switches to the wounded kitty cat personality and the martyr.

She wants to get out of jail to be home for Caylee's party too.

He starts to tell her that her family loves her and are sending their well wishes and prayers. Casey eats it up and cries some more. He then mentions Caylee again. The tears stop.

"Dad I understand that! things would be easier if I were home. I feel that." she is giving her dad false promises of making it better and talking more if she were home.

George tells her that financially he and Cindy are doing all they can to get her out. He tells her that they even asked family to give them money and that it was so hard.

She gets really pissed and says, "Dad I know that!"

She changes the subject and asks about the charity event they held for missing kids. George talks a little about missing kids and how he wants to help to find other missing kids, blah blah, Casey is bored and no longer listening.

He then talks about a video movie made in honor of Casey, his voice is quivering, he tells her the video was beautiful, the songs they sang for Caylee were just wonderful.

Casey turns on the tears again. George says if only she could have seen it, it would have broken her heart. (No George she doesn't have a heart).

He then says: "Casey whatever you can do to help us find her."
Rage again in Casey: "Dad! I did all I can do from here. I can't do anything else from here."

George gets desperate, he tells her that the entire family can go into protective custody if that is what she is worried about. She screams: "I know that dad!".

Then George says the smartest thing I have ever heard anyone in their family say and I will end this post with his words for you to ponder.

He refers to Casey's lawyer: (I am paraphrasing)

"I know your lawyer is out to protect you and your rights, but I hope he is not sacrificing Caylee's rights for yours. I hope he is not thinking about his career and forgetting about Caylee".

Basically, he is saying he hopes that Jose Baez is not trying to keep Casey out of jail to further his career while all the while knowing Caylee is dead.

I have the same hope George.