Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Has the Defense gone insane?

I was reluctant to write an entire entry about Casey Anthony's defense team, but after today's horrific display of stupidty, I just had to vent.

Jose Baez, lead defense attorney in the Casey Anthony case has already requested two emergency hearings since the unidentified remains of a small child were found near the home of his client. His requests were heard in both instances and he was denied of most of them.

I don't know what his angle is but I am pretty sure he is a moron.

The body was retrieved from the crime scene by highly respected medical examiner Dr. G. She, as is normal procedure, will examine the remains and determine a cause of death as well as confirm the identity of the corpse. As of today the body has NOT been identified as Caylee Anthony, but it seems Jose Baez is an inpatient man.

On the very day the bones were found, Mr. Baez called an emergency hearing, at this hearing he wanted to have his experts and team watch and give "suggestions" during the autopsy.
Basically, he wanted his medical examiner and others to enter Dr. G's lab and stand over her shoulder while she examined the body of a small unidentified child, and he wanted them to suggest things as the examination was in play. The body has not been confirmed to be part of his case and he is jumping the gun, but who cares, he says his client has the right to have someone watch the body being examined. His client, you know the one in jail for suspicion of murdering the very child in question.

The judge denies the motion and reminds Baez that the body has yet to be identified.

Well today he filed another motion, this one was for him to view crime scene photos, sketches and evidence as well as a request for a second autopsy by his examiner. He also wants access to the crime scene where investigators are still slowly combing through and collecting evidence.

He called the recovery of evidence an EXCAVATION, making a joke and taking a jab at photos taken near the crime scene where agents are sifting through barrels of dirt looking for bones. He was complaining about the time it is taking to investigate the crime scene. He wants to appoint someone to oversee the medical examiner to make sure she is doing everything they deem appropriate. He then completed that by adding that the defense are clearly the only people who care about what is happening. Not the people working day and night to gather evidence, no, those guys are just having fun.

His motions were denied.

The judge called his requests folly and added that he can't even do half of what Baez is requesting and that he will not assist the defense in interfering with a criminal investigation.

The defense's requests are a bit premature as the body has not been identified, unless of course his client admitted to him that it was Caylee.

Why is the defense so eager to interfere with the investigation, why are they so eager to be a part of the autopsy? Why do they want to see the crime scene in its original state? The crime scene will obviously be altered as the body is removed and evidence taken.

What is this guy's angle? Is it some type of strategy or is he really a moron?

I have a feeling he is trying to get as much information as possible as soon as possible so that he can build her defense around the cause of death and he can start leaking information to the media about her being framed in order to poison the jury pool.

I mean it will be a severe hit if the baby died of chloroform poisoning or if chloroform is found in her body, he will need to evaluate her options since chloroform was searched on their home computer. He may have a better chance if she died of some other cause.

Is the defense trying to tamper with evidence? All of these experts, including her lawyers are doing this work pro bono, their careers are on the line so why would they take on such a difficult case? What are they capable of doing in order to win?

Their aggressive behavior so far has been a bit disturbing. We have yet to hear the new story from Casey about why her daughter was found in a garbage bag less than a mile from her home. We have yet to hear the Anthony's speak of their new theories, now that the Caylee is alive theory may be a dud.

The body has not been identified. Everyone is holding their tongue and lies until after the facts are released and Jose Baez is trying to get the facts ASAP.

I feel sick about how all of this is going down.

Also, the lawyer for George and Cindy Anthony is asking for immunity for the grandparents, he admits they have given conflicting statements in the past, but say that they are ready to speak if the body is indeed that of Caylee, but they want immunity in exchange. So we are to accept that they have lied in the past, but are now ready to tell the truth but they don't want to be prosecuted or held accountable for the lies they told which hindered and quite possibly obstructed the investigation and in the end justice?

What if the body yet to be identified never was found? Would the Anthony's have allowed their lies and conflicting statements to exist and keep investigators from finding Caylee and prosecuting the guilty?

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